Locksmith Birmingham: Wired or Wireless Security?

Locksmith Birmingham: Wired or Wireless Security?

Locksmiths Birmingham say that considering wired from wireless security would depend on what you need from a security system. Hardwired alarm systems have an edge on reliability, while wireless systems provide a more streamlined installation and can be used in Birmingham where wired systems can’t.

“Wireless or wired security” refers to two distinctly different parts of the security system. The network of sensors, plus the control panel. It makes up a contained system that can be wired or wireless. But there is also a way that this system connects to the outside world in Birmingham; for example, sending alerts to a remote monitoring center, or receiving commands from your mobile phone.

According to locksmith Birmingham, wireless system like this uses a lot of individual sensors inside out of the home which communicates wirelessly to its central control panel. Wireless systems like this use radio frequency technology. The control panel will then communicate wirelessly to the outside world using a cellular “uplink.” Essentially, your system will have a cell phone of its own. The fully hardwired alarm system connects the sensors to the control panel with a network of wires, hidden within the walls and floors of your home. Then it can be accessed from the outside using your home’s telephone line. The most seen setup uses a hardwired telephone line as the primary connection and a cellular backup in case the phone lines go down.

Not all homes have an active landline. More people choose to use their mobile or internet phones instead of a landline, which makes wireless systems the necessary choice for most homeowners. It is because they can access if from the outside using their cellphones. The advantages and disadvantages of wired vs wireless security systems have two major points to consider, the installation concerns and it’s performance differences.

If your home in Birmingham does not have a security system pre-installed, wireless systems can help solve some of your security problems. You don’t have to worry about drilling holes or other modifications. Installing wireless system is an extremely attractive option for someone who’s renting, vintage homes, or buildings with interior brick, stone or marble construction. Renters or homeowners who want to change residence will also be able to take advantage of the convenience of most wireless systems simply disconnect and reconnect at your new address.

If your home has been pre-wired for a security system, the question of wired from wireless security leans much more toward the hardwired choice. If you go with locksmith Birmingham, activating your system should be as easy as a phone call and maybe one time visit to update your control panel. Contact us now!

Most major security system providers offer both wired and wireless options, so choosing the locksmith Birmingham will be a more important first step than deciding between wireless or wired security.


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