Locksmith Birmingham: Taking Care Of Your Locks

Locksmith Birmingham: Taking Care Of Your Locks

Back in the days when all we had was a simple Yale or Chubb lock to choose from, whenever you are in a hardware store in Birmingham, lock maintenance was simple and even largely non-existent. A spot of oil or even that unbelievable technique using a pencil up and down motion with your keys worked like a magic. Job done. But we now have more locks around our homes, as well as far more complex locking systems for it.

Assess your home now in Birmingham and it is likely that you have a dozen or so locks securing the front door, patio door, back door, windows and skylights. If these locks are left unused or unmaintained, these locks will eventually tire up and would stop working. Others that are well-used may start to stiffen, stick or cease working altogether, which is concerning when they are your main way in and out of your house in Birmingham, or your escape exit in the case of emergency. If you have any locked-out situation you can call locksmith Birmingham right away to resolve your situation.

No one wants to come home and put their key in the front door while having to cross their fingers that the lock works as it is supposed to. Yet we often forget our lock maintenance or problems that occur as we use them. We are used to the fact that it is a job for a locksmith to fix it right. The thing that you should do to maintain it, is to frequently keep your locks, keyholes and strike plates clean. A little grease and a clean cloth should help you do the job. You don’t want to introduce any fibres to your lock. Don’t use that worn out yellow duster you have. Try flipping the lock in and out, cleaning it in both sides. When you open up the door, give all the levers a clean on your multi-point locking mechanism. You have to clean the frame as well as around the door too. A clean door or window will always be the best home for your locks. Avoid cleaning with soap and water. A wet lock is a lock that is on its way to rusting or jamming which of neither we don’t want happening.

The best fix for any lock is to spray a little WD40 or oil, you need to put into the keyhole and let that the key do its work. Although many security experts like locksmith Birmingham will be quietly horrified if they see you doing it. Lubricating the lock with oil will make it work good for a while, but you could be storing up some problems for the future right?  You will inevitably have to oil the lock again and each time you do, you could be adding to the problems. Any oil or grease will also attract and stick dirt that can gum up the locking mechanism. It is a good emergency fix if your lock is jammed solid, but don’t use it more than once, avoiding it altogether if you can.

The secret ingredient that most locksmiths in Birmingham, window fitters and door experts use around locks is graphite in spray form. It is just like the pencil you rub on your key to make it work, or the one you rub up and down the zipper on an old jacket. The graphite spray works as a lubricant yet it does not attract or stick dirt to the moving parts of your locking mechanism. 

Taking care of your locks is a task that you should consider adding in your schedule. It decreases the chances of you buying another one. Save more money by taking care of your locks and contact locksmith Birmingham for more tips!


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