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  • Lockouts
  • Burglary Repairs
  • uPVC Specialists
  • Anti Snap Locks
  • Locks Fitted
  • Window Locks
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Locksmith in Leamington Spa

Local Expert Locksmith provided speedy reliable and highly mobile locksmith service in Leamington Spa. We are committed to provide you with quality customer service.  Our calls are not answered by call centers located miles away but by local experienced locksmiths. We have a great reputation in earned through helping many with:

  • UPVC door problems
  • Lock changes
  • Lost or broken keys
  • Lock outs
  • Lock installation

We are confident of our ability to help our clients no matter the situation. We can help you even when you are moving houses whether you want us to change or upgrade your locks.   Our dedicated team of locksmiths works 24 hours in shifts so you can contact us  any time and we will help you our of your emnergency situation or work at your convenient time.

Our Locksmith Leamington Spa is of very high standard. We even back it up by a guarantee of 12 months for both labour and parts.  Our parts have met British Standards BS3621. In order to provide great services within short time, our locksmiths carry huger range of these parts including locks, handles, fittings and handle.  This practice also enables the customer to have a wide variety of parts to choose from.

We are also fully registered with all necessary bodies and fully insured. We have a dependable team that strives to meet all the needs by our customers no matter how big or small they are. Our response time is 30-60 minutes. For nor emergency work, we allow our customers to make arrangements for us to visit them at their convenient time.

Local Expert Locksmith charges affordable prices to cater for labour and the parts that we use. Despite charging affordable rates, we always send knowledgeable, fully trained and experienced locksmiths.   We supply them with up-to-date tools and use skill to gain aces rather that force to leave your property in good condition that does not cost you in terms of repairs.

Upvc specialists

Some locksmiths have a problem working with UPVC door and window locks.  Luckily this is nit the case for us. Our locksmiths are specialists UPVC and carry a variety of tools and stock  in their vans to deal with the problems below:

  • broken or stiff UPVC doors
  • Faulty UPVC door high security lock
  • Jammed or stuck locks
  • Key that does not fully go into the lock or does not turn
  • Key that goes in but needs to be jiggled  up and down to turn
  • UPVC door that does not shut  fully door hooks and bolts that do not retract in/out
  • UPVC door or window with faulty lock when lifting the floppy handle
  • Damages or broken lock on UPVC lock or window

All the above and any other problems on UPVC doors or windows are handled by approved locksmiths therefore expect the best results. Our locksmith Leamington Spa service includes offering advice therefore you can contact our experts and they will provide you with useful information about various lock issues. When you are already to invite us, we will provide free non-obligatory quote.

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