Living in Solihull

You have decided to take to a trip. And the trip destination is Solihull, England. Solihull is one of the most flourishing towns in English Midlands. There are many sites to see and many places to shop. Solihull businesses are all around you have many places that you can stop and browse. No matter what you are looking for you, will find it while Solihull shopping because of the wide variety of Solihull businesses.

Living in Solihull you will delighted to see all the displays of places to visit. You will see the National Exhibition Centre. This beautiful building hosts well over 100 events per year. While these events are running many Solihull business are involved. The Solihull shopping at the events is spectacular.

For those who love to shop this is one of the first places to visit. Make a quick stop at the Solihull tourist information centre and pick up your guides. The guides will tell what functions are taking place at the national Exhibition Centre and you may be lucky enough to attend some while on your stay.

Another great place to check out while going Solihull shopping is the Touchwood. This is a magnificent place to visit. Before you begin you journey, dress for shopping. Make sure both shoes and clothes are comfortable. You will be doing a lot of walking. Be warned: if you are bringing small children, a stroller will be needed (unless you have a back of steel and can carry the weight for miles).

The architecture and landscape of the Touchwood is really something to set your eyes on. If flowers and gardens are something you enjoy, then you will love the gardens there. If you are planning to spend time at the gardens before ending the Solihull shopping trip then you need to remember to dress for the weather. In the summer months the temperature can get up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, you may want to bring sunscreen for you and the little ones.

Inside the Touchwood you will find a variety of Solihull businesses and shops to be enjoyed. The inside is lit by natural lighting, of course, only as the weather permits. If you are looking for something for yourself or the home, a great place to stop and visit is the John Lewis Store. This is the only John Lewis store located in the Midlands.

If you love variety, this is the place to be! Solihull businesses have a lot to offer, but if you need a John Lewis item, then this is the only one for miles. John Lewis was voted favorite retailer by over 6000 current customers. In 2008 they also received the House Beautiful Award.’

Taking a nice long Solihull shopping trip, as well as exploring Solihull businesses will keep you on your feet for hours. Although many Touchwood stores close between 6pm and 8pm the restaurants and bars stay open later. In order to stay open later, they have special licenses which allow them to be open later hours.


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